Farewell to Blue Light Towers: How RAD’s AI is Transforming University Security

RAD Light My Way

In the pursuit of providing optimal safety for their students, university campuses have long relied on blue light emergency systems. However, these traditional systems come with significant limitations that leave students feeling uneasy. Thankfully, schools are now embracing cutting-edge technology to bolster campus security. Enter RAD’s advanced AI security robots, offering unparalleled protection and transforming […]

RAD CEO Steve Reinharz to Moderate SIA Event: Selling New Technology Internally

The Security Industry Association (SIA) Autonomous Solutions Working Group is pleased to present the third in a series of free virtual town hall events focusing on key artificial intelligence (AI) topics. Part 3 of this AI town hall series will focus on how to equip security directors for the internal sale of new technology. Designed […]

Arm Our Schools with Updated Security Technology – Now.

By Steve Reinharz, AITX CEO, Founder and CEO of Robotic Assistance Devices, Inc. Since Columbine, the number of U.S. students who have personally experienced gun violence while at school exceeds 311,000. Six months into 2022, there have already been at least 24 shooting incidents on K-12 campuses[1]. I’m sure the number will be higher by […]

From Swamp to Swimming Hole; Let’s Transform the OTC Market

By Steve Reinharz, AITX CEO, Founder and CEO of Robotic Assistance Devices, Inc. “Know what you own.” It’s one of the few mantras among OTC traders that I whole-heartedly endorse. Okay, I’m coming at this not as a trader but as CEO of a tech start-up looking to share information among the trading community. But […]

What’s the Secret Sauce Driving RAD’S Success? A Heavy Dollop of EQ

An essay by RAD’s Founder and President Steve Reinharz I am hardly an impartial judge, but in my not-so-humble opinion, RAD is nailing it. We’re pushing the envelope in the innovation we deliver, while racking up achievements that do our team proud. Despite this track record, I still hear comments cloaked as “constructive criticism”. I […]