Farewell to Blue Light Towers: How RAD’s AI is Transforming University Security

In the pursuit of providing optimal safety for their students, university campuses have long relied on blue light emergency systems. However, these traditional systems come with significant limitations that leave students feeling uneasy. Thankfully, schools are now embracing cutting-edge technology to bolster campus security. Enter RAD’s advanced AI security robots, offering unparalleled protection and transforming the way universities safeguard their communities.

The Drawbacks of Blue Light Systems

Blue light systems, with their tall poles and flashing lights, have been a familiar sight on campuses for decades. When activated, students can communicate with campus security officers through the speaker system. However, these passive systems have inherent downsides. Locating and reaching a blue light tower in an emergency can be time-consuming, potentially compromising the student’s safety. Moreover, the lack of visuals on the situation hinders the police’s ability to assess the threat promptly.

The Rise of ROSA™ and RAD Light My Way™

To address these limitations, RAD has developed the ROSA security robot, paired with the RAD Light My Way mobile phone application. ROSA, an autonomous security robot equipped with cameras, lights, a visual display, and two-way communication, leverages AI to detect potential threats and intervene effectively. Its ability to issue verbal warnings, activate bright lights, and alert authorities autonomously sets it apart from traditional blue light systems.

The Power of RAD Light My Way

The RAD Light My Way app empowers students to request and activate virtual security escorts instantly using their smartphones. ROSA can pinpoint the student’s location, while a remote security officer monitors the situation through ROSA’s cameras. This officer remains engaged until the student feels safe or reaches their destination. Furthermore, RAD Light My Way notifies other ROSA units to activate alert lighting along the student’s walking route, providing an extra layer of protection.

University student activates RAD Light My Way when approaching a parking garage.
Freedom from Stationary Locations

Unlike traditional blue light systems tied to fixed locations, ROSA’s physical presence and virtual escorting capabilities offer unparalleled security, safety, and protection. Students can now feel secure knowing they are visually monitored and can communicate with a remote security officer at all times. The mere presence of ROSA also acts as a potent deterrent to potential assailants.

Affordable Advanced Solutions

RAD’s AI-powered robot security solutions represent a significant leap in campus safety, surpassing the capabilities of human security patrols. With affordable implementation costs, universities can enhance their security infrastructure without compromising their budgets.

The Future of Campus Security

As security technologies continue to evolve, the adoption of ROSA robots and the RAD Light My Way app exemplifies a progressive approach to campus safety. More universities will undoubtedly embrace this 21st-century technology, bidding farewell to outdated blue light towers and welcoming the era of AI-powered campus security.


The transformation from traditional blue light systems to RAD’s AI security robots is a game-changer for university campuses. With ROSA’s active monitoring and virtual escorting capabilities, students can feel safer than ever before. As more schools follow suit and adopt this advanced technology, the future of smarter and more efficient campus security is within reach. The recent order of 10 ROSA units and RAD Light My Way by a prominent East Coast university serves as a testament to this transformative shift in safeguarding the campus community.

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